June 9, 2022

The Reason You Exist.

The word purpose can be defined as - The reason for why something was created or why something exists. As a Christian, it is vital that we understand our purpose. That we understand the reason for why we were created and why we exist. Our current culture is in the midst of an aggressive attack on people’s identity, we live in a world that is arguing over how many genders there are and what people’s pronouns are. (There are two genders, male and female, and there are 6 pronouns, she, her, hers and he, him, and his). The root issue of all of this is sin, yes, but it is broken people searching for purpose, searching for value, searching for love and acceptance. The book of Genesis 1:27 says “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them”. The reason for why we were created is to be in right relationship with God. To be connected and accepted eternally with our father in heaven. But because of sin, we were separated from God, because of sin a great chasm was formed between the creator and the creature. BUT THANK GOD FOR JESUS!

John 1:12 Says, “But to all who did receive him (Jesus), who believed in his (Jesus) name, he (Jesus) gave the right to become children of God,

When we believe in and receive Jesus we become children of God, this is our identity, we are image-bearers of the Godhead. We are no longer born by the will of man, of by the flesh but we are now born of GOD. Our purpose is as it was, in the beginning, to walk with God, to be in relationship with God. Sin separated us from God, but through the blood of Jesus, we are reconciled or reconnected to Him so we can walk in our true purpose. You see our purpose as a believer is not what we do, it is who we are. When we join the family of God and are filled with the spirit of God, everything changes. We have may a job or a passion, and that might be to be a teacher, an entrepreneur, or things like these, but this is not our purpose. Our purpose is to be a child of God and our mission is Jesus’s mission. Everything else that we do we from the posture of being a child of God and to complement the mission of Jesus, to go into all the world, preach the Gospel, and make disciples, baptizing them in the name of the Father (YHWH), the Son (Jesus) and the Holy Spirit,

If we do not know whose we are, we will not know who we are. And if we don't know who we are we will live like someone we are not.

The story of the chicken and the eagle by David Ridley:

Once upon a time, there was a chicken named Will. One day Will was pecking around the coop and found an old letter. Will had never seen this letter before and read it excitedly. As he read the letter his heart jumped because it said that it is possible for a chicken to be supernaturally transformed into an eagle. There had always been a desire in Will’s heart to be an eagle, but he never thought it would be possible. That night Will prayed to God and believed that it was possible for him to be born again into an eagle. As Will prayed, a bolt of lightning struck him and he immediately became a fully-fledged eagle. The crazy thing was that Will was so used to being a chicken he didn’t realize he was an eagle! From then on he walked around the coop acting and pecking like a chicken, all the while he was an eagle. This went on for weeks before a majestic eagle flew over Will’s chicken coop and saw the funny sight of an eagle acting like a chicken. The eagle swooped down and perched on a tree next to the coop. The eagle yelled out to Will “What are you doing down there in that coop acting like a chicken?” “What do you mean?” Will replied, “I am a chicken.” The eagle laughed at Will and said “Come, spread your wings and fly with me for you are an eagle just like me. Will didn’t have time to think as the eagle was flying away. He spread what he thought were his chicken wings and saw two broad eagle wings. With three flaps, Will flew above the chicken coop and began to soar as eagles do.

We were separate from God because of Sin. We were reconnected to God because of Jesus. We were identified as sinners because of sin. We are now identified as sons because of Jesus.

If you believe you are still a sinner (chicken) when you have been born again by the spirit of God, you will act like a sinner because it is who you think you are. When you believe you are a son (Eagle) you will act like a son because it is who you think you are.

A son can still sin, but a sinner cannot be a son.